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Professionalism, Service, Pricing, Customer service, and On-time Deliveries are our focus to give you the best experience while shipping with us.

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    Sonix Carriers

    What We Offer

    We offer a team of shipping experts for any of your shipping needs, Shipping of any size load, from one pallet to a full trailer, to any type of load- both dry and temperature-controlled


    Why Work With Us

    Are you a Big-box retailer distributing nationwide from your warehouse to different stores (or from your supplier to your distribution center)?
    Are you an Amazon seller shipping pallets from one location to another?
    Are you a large supermarket picking up groceries and frozen produce from vendors and delivering to your grocery in another state?
    WHY US?
    We operate FAST and SMOOTH because:
    — We treat our drivers like PEOPLE. (No extended hours on the road, and proper pay.)
    — We’re boots-on-the-ground involved in every shipment. (Problem crops up? We’re on it ASAP.) We’re available for questions, concerns, or quotes pretty much…always.
    — We offer real-time tracking and robust insurance coverage.
    And when the drivers are happy, the loads come on TIME.


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